My name is Elise and I am an Optimisation Preacher.

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I specialise in Conversion Rate Optimisation and CRO Development.

Since my first taste of A/B testing 3 years ago, I've been using my background as a front end developer and data nut to spread the gospel of optimisation. Using the test and learn mythology I might occasionally fail fast but I learn quickly.

Optimisation testing has introduced me to segmentation and personalisation. This is where things get really interesting and I love digging into big data, pulling out the useful stuff and giving customers the website experience that they didn't even realise they needed. Personalisation is the future of the web and a great way to maximise not only conversion but also customer experience and retention.

I have optimised websites across multiple countries in various languages alongside many different stakeholders. My career so far has been front-end development focused, but I'm now at the stage where I am ready to take on the responsibility of the whole CRO process. My freelance experience has given me the necessary skills to tackle bigger projects and with my technical skills I know exactly what can be accomplished using A/B testing tools, and I know that we can accomplish an awful lot.

My Skills


Using analytics from your website, I can identify problem areas, discuss a strategy & put in place a testing roadmap to fix them.


Using the current look of your website, I can design A/B tests to be either subtle or disruptive to get results fast.


My coding background means I know what can be achieved technically. I can build and QA using an agile methodology.


Both Optimisation tools and Google Analytics give us data. I can interpret them into easy to understand results so we learn quickly.

My Work

left hand search panel test on Desktop
Sponsored hotel listings on search result page.
Abandoned booker stored previous hotel selection & highlighted for user.
Search panel optimisation on mobile phone
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