My name is Elise and I am a CRO Consultant from London, UK

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Freelance Conversion Rate Optimisation and Personalisation Consultancy Services

I am a passion conversion rate optimisation consultant with over 6 years experience in personalisation and optimisation testing. I specialise in the full test and learn cycle (UX research, roadmapping & prioritisation, test build and analysis.)

Having started out as a web designer and developer straight out of university, I now have over 15 years experience in the digital sector across a multitude of industries including travel, auction, retail and the charity sector. Being user-focused is a key aspect of my work; encouraging businesses to use quantitative and qualitative data to make the best decision for their own audiences.

I moved into contracting two years ago as I wanted to volunteer my time to local charities as well as have the freedom to move around and ultimately help more businesses. Consulting has also allowed me to spend more time sharing my knowledge through writing original articles, speaking at events, running workshops and mentoring.

My Skills


Analyics, user testing, surveys and heatmaps all provide data that I can consolidate into a view of your customer and their needs


Based on analytics and user research, I identify problem areas, discuss a strategy and put in place a testing roadmap


My coding background means I know what can be achieved technically. I build and QA tests using an agile methodology


I interpret test data into easy to understand results so we learn quickly and communicate back to the business

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