My name is Elise and I am an Optimisation Preacher.

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A Conversion Rate Optimisation and CRO Development Specialist

Since my first taste of A/B testing 4 years ago, I've been using my background as a front-end developer and data nut to spread the gospel of optimisation. Using the test and learn mythology I might occasionally fail fast but that helps us learn quickly.

My career began in front-end development but moved to optimisation and onto analytics, roadmapping and managing the whole CRO process. My freelance experience has given me the necessary skills to tackle bigger projects and with my technical skills I know exactly what can be accomplished using A/B testing tools, and I know that we can accomplish an awful lot.

My Skills


Using existing analytics and user feedback, I identify problem areas, discuss a strategy & put in place a testing roadmap.


Based on the current look & feel of your website, I can design A/B tests to be either subtle or disruptive to get results fast.


My coding background means I know what can be achieved technically. I build and QA tests using an agile methodology.


Optimisation tools and analytics software give us data. I can interpret them into easy to understand results so we learn quickly.

Articles on Medium

Should you bring your Conversion Rate Optimisation in-house?

Bringing your Conversion Rate Optimisation in-house?

Agencies can be great for producing informative website audits, but when it comes to running a regular test and learn cycle and understanding what’s best for your business, it may be time to hire in-house.

Personalisation and recommendations need to be useful to be effective.

Useful Personalisation

Not all Personalisation is created equal. Using real-world examples to demonstrate both 'good' and 'bad' attempts at personalisation, I explain why being 'useful' is the key to success.

How to avoid 'test clash' and run multiple A/B tests at the same time

How to simultaneously run A/B tests

When companies first get on board with the idea of CRO they can end up running multiple tests at the same time, but without proper planning there is a chance that your test results might end up skewed

A/B Testing is not a holy grail - find out what User Testing is and why you should be doing it

Why you should be User Testing instead of A/B Testing

Recently, whilst discussing a website redesign project, a conversation around A/B testing arose; is it possible to A/B Test a whole page redesign? The answer is 'yes' but this method of validating a new design raises a few red flags for me.

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