Thomas Cook - Sponsored Hotel Listings

Hypothesis - Will sponsored hotels be off-putting to customers? Sponsored hotel listings could allow Thomas Cook to create additional profit and the Hotelier would gain a positive ROI for their investment. Which of the 2 different designs is most effective to create price scale?

Design One

Sponsored hotel listings on search result page.

Design Two

Sponsored hotel listings on search result page.


  • Progression to accomodation page +2.21% D1, -1.19% D2
  • Engagement with listing +4.43% D1, +6.06% D2
  • Conversion +1.97% D1, +2.25% D2
  • D1 saw more engagment with far left listing (+1.07) vs far right (+0.84)


Overall conversion did not suffer so users are not put off by sponsered hotels, however, sponsored hotel listings did not see higher engagment over non-sponsored listings. It maybe possible to make revenue from this, but as we cannot guarantee users will buy the sponsored hotel, Thomas Cook should price the positioning accordingly.